Online Jolly Phonics training sessions (Basic course)

こんにちは。イギリス人ジョリーフォニックス公式トレーナーDavid Watkinsによる東京のオンライン英語教室”Yamatalk English®”です。

Here is English information about our training sessions!

Yamatalk English Jolly Phonics Training 1

Part 1
1/16, 2021 SAT 10:00-11:30
Part 2
1/16, 2021 SAT 13:30-15:00
Part 3
1/16, 2021 SAT 15:30-17:00

Fee: ¥8000 per attendee

Training will be taught in English but Japanese staff will be present.

Online Training Sections:
Part 1
1) Introductions / Jolly Learning Overview
2) What is Synthetic Phonics?
3) Demonstration Lesson
4) 5 Skills of Jolly Phonics 
Part 2
5) The Main 42 Letter Sounds 
Part 3
6) Lesson Planning 
7) Activities for Young Learners 
8) Learning Materials

The aim of this training is to give attendees a clear overview of the early stages of the Jolly Phonics program, as well as how to plan and teach simple lessons for students studying Jolly Phonics Pupil/Student Book 1 content.

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